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The Midwestern Diner

The Midwestern Diner is a documentary art project about food and drink in Chicago and environs. Our goal is to share the insight and experiences of everyone involved in a meal—from chefs and restauranteurs, to farmers and butchers, to brewers and grocers, to the people seated at the dining table. We eschew traditional food media like reviews or cooking shows for a nuanced, direct look into the art and craft of creating a meal, presented through the voices of the people involved. Profiles in the series include Michael Dean Reynolds of Bread & Wine, Sobremesa Supper Club, and Jonathan Zaragoza of Birrieria Zaragoza.

Click here to view The Midwestern Diner, and for more information contact midwesterndiner@gmail.com.

Fox the Gambler

A short film about bowling and battling your demons. Plainspoken, blue-collar, and set to the rhythms of a quintessential American pastime, Fox The Gambler is the story of Carl, a lifelong gambler and bowler on a run of bad luck who finds himself on the verge of rolling the perfect 300 game (not to mention winning a sizeable bet on the side). As Carl battles addiction, loneliness, and a nasty rivalry against his longtime nemesis on the lanes, he ultimately discovers that he is not alone, that in fact Roseland Bowl is filled with a colorful and charismatic collection of regulars who are more like family than Carl realizes. A character drama set in a simple but iconic location – a local bowling alley on Chicago’s southwest side – Fox The Gambler celebrates the redemptive power of friendship and the strength of camaraderie when the stakes get high.

Click here to view Fox The Gambler, and for more information contact us at contact@stratovolcanomedia.com.

About Stratovolcano

Stratovolcano is a digital media production company founded by Vincent Labriola, dedicated to producing original creative content about and inspired by the culture of Chicago and the American Midwest. Mr. Labriola is a filmmaker and writer. He founded Stratovolcano to work on projects in his hometown of Chicago after earning his MFA in film production from the University of Southern California. Fond of crooked eyeglasses, Tom Tom Tamales, and baseball caps, Mr. Labriola has experience on the festival circuit and in advertising; his short film Fox The Gambler screened at the Chicago International Film Festival in 2013. He believes that no person should spend a summer without riding a roller coaster (make it the Whizzer) and a winter without digging his or her car out of three feet of rock-hard snow. When Mr. Labriola was young his parents took him to the Big Island of Hawai'i, and since that time he has been quietly obsessed with volcanoes.


Vincent Labriola
Creative Director, Stratovolcano Media

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